Moon caught in the branches



Hi Crafter’s

I just started a new group on facebook,

called   RainStorm Crafting Group come and check it out

everyone welcome its a place to chat, make new friends,

share photo’s and ideas heres a little something i just made

Candy wreath

Candy wreath

” Prayer “

This is one of my favorite prayers, Hope you enjoy as well


Now; I lay me down to rest

I thank the Lord; my life is blessed

I have my family and my home

And freedom, should I choose to roam.

My days are filled with skies of blue

My nights are filled with sweet dreams, too

I’ve no reason to beg or plead

I have been given all I need.

Beneath the subtle moonlit glow

I thank the Lord, so he will know

How grateful I am for my life

In times of glory and of strife.

The times of glory give me hope

The times of strife teach me to cope

Thus, Iam much stronger in turn

Yet grounded, still, with much to learn

Now, I lay me down to rest

I thank the Lord; I’ve passed the test

Of yet another day on earth

Grateful for its abundant worth.

This day has been a special dream

From morning ’til the last moonbeam

Yet, should the coming dawn bring sorrow

I’ll rise, thankful I’ve reached  tomorrow.


Along with this pray i want to say, Don’t take your life for granted, Live each day to the fullest do

what you can today for who no’s what tomorrow will bring, this holiday season go out of your way to help

someone in need, theres so many people less fortunate then every one of us!!!!!









i dont no why its so  hard for me to sleep, i lay awake wondering if only things could have been different

i feel all alone in this world, everything just seems to be slipping away. i wonder alot about what my purpose is here.

before my mom passed away everything was good i just dont no what to do anymore,

My Life Day 2

My mother was an amazing women,  a loving wife and mother of 5, I can remember back as far as the age of 3, oh the stories my mom would tell. like this one i think maybe it was her  favorite cause she would tell it all the time to everyone.

we were living in florida and i was 4 years old we had a really  big patio  my mom would open the front door and let me go out and play. i was sitting on the patio and in florida they have really big fire ants. well there was this line of ants walking by and the queen ant stopped it was carrying a picnic basket and it asked me if i wanted to join them  so i went running into the house yelling mom mom can i go please and she said go where and i told her my new friends wanted me to go on a picnic and she just looked at me with this funny face, so she said lets go see, when we went out side she was looking all around but she said she didnt see anyone and i told her they were right here she keep saying where theres no one there and right away she thought maybe someone rode by and was trying to get me in there car, i bent down and picked up the queen and and said mommy this is my friend see there all right here she started to laugh and after all that she made me go in the house.

sometimes saying thank you doesn’t seem enough

I have a friend ,and she is amazing , I’m not going to say her name but she knows who she is, i have been having trouble with the loss of my mom, these last few months i’ve been blaming myself , thinking i should have done more or thinking “GOD” was mad at me because he didn’t answer my prayers and save her, my friend is clairvoyant witch i didn’t know til the other day, she sent me an email, it was the most beautiful thing i ever read, i cried the way through. anyway she had a message for me from my mom telling me that my mom was happy and in no pain and that i needed to start getting my life back. and that i did everything i could for my mom and that i couldn’t have done anymore then i did, there are things my friend told me that my mom said that she couldn’t have known, I’m not sure i was a believer before but i am now and thanks to my friend i fill a weight lifted of me i have a far way to go before i stop feeling the guilt, but i want all you readers to no that there are angels out there watching over all of us i have living proof

thank you my friend for what you have done for me you are always in my prayers and in my heart and i love you girl

forever greatfull